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Wolf patronus meaning

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• Brave, smart, and individual, those with this Patronus have a uniquely pure soul.

Tonks's patronus became a wolf after she met Lupin.

Therefore, they will do all ways to protect the casters at any cost.

Sep 23, 2016 · What does your Patronus quiz result mean? Credit: Zenology.

The wolf is a bit of a darker and mysterious soul, with the strength of a fighter.

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This does not mean they are an angry person, though they do have a tendency to be temperamental, but merely that they have a drive that fuels them throughout.

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What is Hermione’s Patronus?.


Dear Inquisitor,.

Hare Hare Patronus possessed a quick-witted and intelligent character.

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A person with this patronus has had a lot happen in their life, and do to that they wear a mask over their emotions.


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A complete list of all patronuses that are featured in the Pottermore patronus quiz.

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An incorporeal (or non-corporeal) version does not resemble any living creature.


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Her purr-fect Patronus Funko Pop! is now also available at the Harry Potter Shop just here.

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They are very attached to their family and friends.


Before Harry Potter realized he could use the happy memory of his friends.

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 · The Harry Potter books and movies introduced the audience to a bunch of characters, events, objects, and concepts from the Wizarding World, and one of the most fascinating ones is that of the Patronus charm – and here’s the Patronus of every main character and what it means.

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Remus John Lupin is a character in the Harry Potter book series by J.

Books Fantasy & Mythology Harry Potter Patronus Magic.


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Lupin took his time chewing his turkey and swallowing before saying slowly, ‘Sometimes a great shock an emotional upheaval ’ ‘It looked big, and it had four legs.

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Those with the bloodhound patronus tend to be gentle, easy-going people with a talent for finding what they want and getting things done.

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• They don't care about the following the crowd, they do what they want
 · Now, Nymphadora Tonks' Patronus didn't start as a wolf
You are helpful and kind-hearted, and you find yourself enjoying being the center of attention
Clearly, most Hypable staff members were surprised with their Patronus, but managed to find some meaning in the result by researching